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Car Classifieds A simple example of searching by different parameters.
Web Site Reviews A database with both searching and adding of information.
Employee Directory Intranet database which allow for the updating of records in the database.
Mountain Bike Calendar An example of a database protected with passwords to control access.


Database2Net Downloadable Examples

The following are examples of common tasks you might want to perform or problems you might encounter in Database2Net.

NOTE: Make sure that when you open an example database with the D2N Wizard that you click on the "Database Properties" button to verify your CGI URL and Database Path. Even if you don't make any changes, doing this will ensure that Sample Web Pages, Result Web Pages, etc. created by the D2N Wizard point to the correct locations. Append input from a web page to multiple tables in a database. Search a database and display matching records. If no matching record is found, add search item to the database with the option to update the record. Automatically assign and display an ID for a record appended to a database. Search for records with a date field between two specified dates. Search for records in a database and sets up hyperlinks for each result which, when clicked, give specific details of that record. Use Requery and Drop Down Menus to append two tables in a database. Allow searching with drop down menus that are updated as the database is appended. Update a record using a drop down list. Generate a unique field name (using the time and userID) for the results of a query that can later be put into a file. Use Customized HTML Formatting to create hyperlinks as a result of a query. Display query parameters in the 'Number of Items Found' display. For example, "5 people were found in the SALES department." Link query results to images and display them on a page. Search for records with a blank (NULL) field. Using a Requery, this project displays images when they exist and skips them when they don't. Search for a range of values with a drop down menu. Use a Requery to display a description of the category searched. This is another example similar to '' located below. Search a database for records in a certain category and display a description of that category on the results page using Requery. Allow a person to add their user ID and a password from the web and update their own information. Display a scrollable text box of information from your database. Time stamp a record when it is updated. Search two different fields with one input. Three different ways to update a query's underlying table.

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