Database2Net by SiteSoft
Database2Net by SiteSoft

Internet and Intranet Database Publishing

With the addition of Access 2000 compatibility, Database2Net works with all versions of Microsoft Access.
Database2Net allows users to search or append to a Microsoft Access database from a web browser.
No CGI programming is required to run Database2Net.
Database2Net generates web pages containing data from your database on-the-fly.
Any Windows 95/98/NT CGI compliant web server will handle the communication between the web browser and Database2Net.
Database2Net runs on either Windows 95/98 or Windows NT. It will not run on Unix servers.
Database2Net works directly on your Microsoft Access files and does not require Access to be running in the background.
The release version is now available for instant purchase and download.
Available in 2 versions:
Professional: $349.95 ($USD)
Lite: $149.95 ($USD)

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